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Terms and Conditions

Sales Agreement Version 1.3

Last updated October 14, 2022.

This is an agreement between Aligned Incentives, LLC (hereinafter “Aligned Incentives” or “AI”) and Seller (“you”).

Seller agrees to abide by the following procedures:

1. Cards must be Firsthand and Unused. No pre-owned, merchant/store credit, Washed or Upgraded cards (unless Seller requests and AI grants permission as to each specific sale of a Washed or Upgraded card), cards with expiration dates or usage restrictions (e.g. ‘bonus cards’), or new cards that were listed for sale to any buyer or marketplace other than Aligned Incentives. 

“Firsthand” means a gift card that Seller purchased personally with his or her own funds from an Original Issuer.

“Original Issuer(s)” are retailers that activate gift cards directly and include merchants like grocery stores, wholesale clubs, Paypal Digital Gifts, official airline websites, and others. Other individuals and gift card resell marketplaces (including but not limited to,, or any marketplace listed on are NOT Original Issuers. The Slide app is not generally considered to be an original issuer and cards purchased on the Slide app will only be accepted in deals where Seller is explicitly instructed to purchase cards on the Slide app.

“Unused” gift cards are gift cards that have had a single activation load at the time they were purchased and have had no subsequent activity occur.

“Washed” or “Upgraded” gift cards are gift cards paid for in whole or in part with another gift card as opposed to cash, credit, or debit.

2. Once Seller submits a gift card to AI, Seller agrees not to redeem that gift card and agrees not to sell or reveal the card to anyone other than AI.

3. Seller must keep each gift card and the receipt documenting its purchase for 365 days after selling said card to AI. The burden of proving that a card was obtained in accordance with the terms of this agreement falls on Seller and, at any time up to 365 days after selling a card to AI, Seller may be called upon to prove that these terms were followed. Upon receiving a request for this documentation from AI, Seller must provide the documentation within 48 hours or AI may choose to charge back the amount paid for each card that Seller fails to provide true and accurate documentation for.

4. Seller agrees not to sell to AI any gift cards that Seller has previously listed on any gift card marketplace (e.g., Raise, CardCash, etc.), even if Seller unlisted them first.

5. Seller is liable for all cards sold by Seller. AI resells gift cards to third parties, for example These third parties perform investigations in cases where they or buyers dispute the balance of a card. AI will make a good faith effort to defend the validity of Seller’s cards in any such dispute and will make reasonable efforts to provide Seller an opportunity to defend the validity of Seller’s cards which is why it is important that Seller be able to provide proof of the validity of their cards in a timely manner. Ultimately, the fraud determinations made by the parties that AI resells the cards to are final and if any of these resales are charged back to AI, AI will in turn charge back any payments made to Seller.

6. Seller agrees not to divulge to any third parties any information that is from AI or from people in AI’s chat room, including but not limited to the identities or screen names of people in the AI chat room, links to chat rooms, as well as any deals, tricks, or data points.

7. Seller agrees not to offer to buy or sell any gift cards from or to other of AI’s sellers, either publicly or privately except in cases where Seller has bought or sold cards to the other seller prior to this agreement.

8. AI reserves all rights, at its sole discretion, to modify this agreement or to end its relationship with Seller. Seller’s responsibilities for cards sold under the terms of this agreement (for example, to be able to prove the validity of cards sold for 365 days after the date of sale) as well Seller’s responsibilities not to solicit AI’s other sellers remain in force even if AI or Seller terminates this relationship.

9. AI's buyers have a mechanism to dispute the balance of a gift card (for example if you sell us a $250 card that actually contains $25) and you may be debited for any deficiency. However, AI has no mechanism to dispute a card that contained a greater balance than Seller stated. For example, if you sell us a card you claim has $25 on it but it actually has $250, AI has no way to collect the difference from our buyers and you will be paid out based on the denomination you claimed to be selling us.

Payment Information:

1. AI is not a Payment Settlement Entity and will not issue a 1099K unless required to do so by the IRS.

2. Seller is neither a contractor nor employee of AI. Seller is a business that sells merchandise to AI. AI does not intend to issue a 1099-MISC unless required by the IRS. Seller is responsible for recording and reporting their business income to all applicable taxing authorities.

3. The date of payment for all purchase orders shall be determined by the "Submission Period" during which the purchase order was submitted to AI. Submission Period is defined as a period beginning at 12:00 AM Central Time on Monday and ending at 11:59 PM Central Time on Sunday, seven days later.

Fuel Points

AI, from time to time, may buy fuel points from various grocery stores (e.g. Kroger), gas stations (e.g. Shell), or other programs. The rules that apply to gift cards in this document also apply to fuel points, including but not limited to:

1. Fuel points must be Firsthand and Unused, meaning that you personally made the purchases that the points were awarded for and that you haven’t shared the account details with anyone else.

2. Seller retains responsibility for their fuel points accounts. If fuel points cannot be redeemed by our counterparties (because the fuel points program locks or shuts down the account, because Seller supplied incorrect information, or for any other reason) and those counterparties debit or refuse to pay AI for them, seller indemnifies AI against these losses and will be debited for the accounts. AI will make a good faith effort to supply any corrections to its buyers.

Delinquent Accounts

In the event that Seller’s account has a negative balance, future payments to Seller may be used to cover Seller’s negative balance. If Seller has no plans to sell cards to AI within 30 days of the negative balance, Seller will transfer money to AI to offset their negative balance. If Seller’s account has a negative balance for more than 30 days, AI may charge an interest rate either equal to the U.S. prime rate on the date the interest is applied plus 10%, compounded monthly OR the maximum statutory interest rate, whichever is less.

Choice of Law and Venue

AI and Seller hereby agree that this Agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Texas.  The Parties agree that proper venue for any action involving the enforcement or enforceability of this Agreement shall lie exclusively with the Travis County District or County Courts at law and hereby waive any argument to the contrary.

Modification, Waiver, Severability

No amendment or modification of this Agreement, and no waiver, discharge or termination of any one or more provisions hereof shall be effective unless set forth in writing and signed by all of the Parties hereto. If one or more of this Agreement’s provisions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to implement the intention of the parties, and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

By checking the box below and submitting cards to us you, Seller, agree to follow the terms set forth in this agreement.